• with Bonnie Pariser
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    85,00 $Your Core (2021-06-04 | 2021-07-09)

    Join Bonnie for a 6 week exploration of your deep (and perhaps weak?) core.  We will learn some anatomy and exercises to help strengthen and understand all about the core.

  • Information Meeting for Yoga Immersion/Teacher Training 2021, 2022
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    0,00 $One-Day Workshop (2021-07-10)

    Interested in learning more about the upcoming Yoga Immersion/Teacher Training? Join Bonnie and recent graduates for this meeting that will help answer any questions you may have.  You will also have a short practice with kinesiology that will give you an idea of how the training is run and what the focus is.  Please wear comfortable clothing and have a mat and blanket ready.  You can attend via zoom or in person!  

  • with Bonnie Pariser
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    930,00 $MahaVidyas (2021-10-10 | 2022-06-12)

    The study of the Mahavidyas is the study of the self.  In this course we will meet the Mother through her various forms.  By studying her different powers we can understand, and even liberate, parts of our mind and energies. We can liberate a degree of suffering that will naturally occur when we don't understand ourselves fully.  This study also brings clarity to the movement of the world around, so we see how all the moving parts point to the whole. 

    We will look at 9 of the Mahavidyas in the course.  There will be an introduction and a practice given for each of these forms.  We will also look at the parts of ourselves that are reflected in the matrix of each Mahavidya.  

    We will meet on the following Sundays:

    October 10
    November 14
    December 12
    January 16

    ​February 13
    March 13
    April 10
    May 15
    ​June 12