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Aniko Foldi

Aniko has been teaching since 2006. During her training she became more passionate about yoga and loves turning other people on to the practice she loves so much. She believes in the positive results of yoga and helps people take these teachings outside of the studio and into their regular lives to achieve more peace and balance. Aniko encourages her students to respect their body, work within their limits, follow their own path, and continue to learn and grow with joy. She strives to make all of her classes a positive and safe environment by creating an atmosphere of acceptance for everyone in the class and allowing each student the ability to become their own best teacher as they gain more awareness, focus and balance - physically, mentally and spiritually. Connection to the breath and listening to one's own body while being aware of individual strength, flexibility and limitations are emphasized as Aniko guides her students through their practice with a sense of compassion and nurturing. Aniko received her 200 hour yoga teacher certification specializing in Structural Yoga Therapy and the Saraswati River Method from Yoga Loka in Frenchtown, New Jersey. In 2008 she completed The Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy teacher training in Bristol, Vermont. Additional trainings include: Yoga for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis, Yogic Support for Autoimmune Challenges and Systemic Inflammation, Therapeutic Teacher Training with Integral Yoga Institute of Princeton, NJ. "It is the most rewarding feeling when I give myself to people and make an impact on someone's life."
My Schedule
21 Monday
10:15 am
Gentle Yoga
with Aniko Foldi
1 hour and 30 minutes
This slow-paced class focuses on breath-work, body awareness and alignment. With an emphasis on gentle hip and shoulder openers rather than asana flow, the class is perfect for beginners.
22 Tuesday
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23 Wednesday
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24 Thursday
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25 Friday
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26 Saturday
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27 Sunday
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