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David Pittenger

David is a senior student of Parvathi Nanda nath Saraswati (Kirin Mishra). David continues to study directly with Parvathi in philosophy, yoga and Tantric methodology on the path of the Bhairavi, or Tantric adept – Parvathi’s most rigorous level of teaching offered to date. David draws from a combination of 10-years intensive study in Yoga and his 20-years of experience as a professional Ballet dancer to develop a unique Yoga class that allows for students to experience a holistic approach to asana. Through careful attention to alignment and long slow warm-ups, a pathway is opened to help heal old injuries and prevent new ones. David’s teaching is in the Saraswati River yoga style. Classes focus primarily on asana, but will give students a chance to experience the interweaving of physical movement with breath, awareness, concentration and meditation. David describes the affects of this style of yoga as follows … “Authentic movement begins when habitual patterns of body and mind are revealed to us. Through these ancient flowing physical movements our own consciousness is experienced as a beautiful vibratory dance. Dance being metaphor here for the play of hide-n-seek between the small “I” of our fears and doubts and our sense of self that is beyond conceptions, beliefs or ideas. As we dance with the self and embrace the wisdom of direct sensory experience we slowly re-learn how to be naturally buoyant in our intrinsic spaciousness.” David’s interest in Yoga began as he came across the book Sivanada’s Companion to Yoga; the asanas he learned helped him to extend his dance career despite years of dance injuries and multiple surgeries. Eventually David found himself turning to the healing benefits of yoga once more; only this time he found a teacher who could take him deep into the realm of self exploration; enabling him to establish a personal practice to support his overall health and deepen his teaching.
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26 Saturday
9:00 AM
Basic Flow ONLINE
with David Pittenger
1 hour and 30 minutes
This class moves through a series of asanas (yoga positions) in a flowing sequence at a slow and steady pace. The typical students are beginners who want to dive right into things and practitioners who have had basic instruction and some asana experience who seek a more active and engaging session.
27 Sunday
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